Supporting Autism Awareness

Well we did it again.  Yup we moved. We bought our "forever home"  that will be perfect for the display.  Can't wait to get started!!

The 2016 display will be at 3822 Pine Cres South.    Sorry for the slow website updates. I personally set this site up and maintain it, so as things get busy....




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The Show
We are planning 13000 Christmas lights to be set up this year in Lethbridge Alberta. This will be our 8th large Christmas display. We hope you come by and and see it.

Our goal is to simply set up lights on our home to provide a place for families to enjoy at Christmastime and to raise awareness about Autism.

May God Bless You this Christmas season. - The Groves

A special thank you to Prudentiial Top 5 for sponsoring our hot chocolate nights last season.

Live Webcam:



The Santa Video